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VBAC – Birth after Caesarean section – Tips

Network gives valuable hints

In the network birth after cesarean section you find a collection of helpful pages, links and methods that can help you to deal with your cesarean section or to prepare for your next birth.

According to a midwife the procedure concerning vaginal birth after caesarean section is as follows: In Germany the National Health System(NHS) does not pay for a birth in the domestic environment after caesarean sections without subsequent vaginal birth. The health insurance does not have to cover the costs for the birth.

The midwife is in danger of being excluded from the framework contract with the NHS. Therefore, no midwife would accompany a woman legally insured through national healthcare during her birth at home under these conditions. Whether or not a midwife takes responsibility for the non-clinical birth of a privately insured woman depends on the anamnesis and the people involved. It has to be clarified whether a freelancing midwife who has an occupancy contract in a clinic would accompany the affected woman in her attached clinic.

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