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Are you looking for information on topics related to pregnancy, birth and the time after? In the Birth ABC (see the letters above) you will find, easy-to-understand, educational and empowering information on a wide range of topics, sorted alphabetically. For example, search for information on birth positions under "B" or enter the search term in the search function at the top right. Do you have more general questions about "preventive care" or "ultrasound"? You will find a first orientation to important topics.

GreenBirth e.V.
 ...strengthens pregnant women/families in theircompetences and rights

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Pregnancy and birth are natural processes in whose course there is normally no need to intervene. The best advisor in this time of great changes are the innervoice and serenity of the mother and Mother Nature. We want to strengthen pregnant women/parents in their own competencies. These come from within. From outside, there are the rights guaranteed in the Basic Law, which give them support in all considerations that are now important for them and their baby.

… informs about obstetrics and birth medicine
Obstetrics is an outdated term for medical birth assistance.
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In Germany midwives are allowed to accompany healthy women (about 85%) - from conception, during pregnancy and birth to the end of the breastfeeding period. Pregnancy and birth are considered natural processes which need professional knowledge and empathy. In hospital midwives are first care givers during the birthing period, but their autonomy is restricted.
Independent midwives offer parenting classes, work as a team in birth centers, and come to your home at any time when needed.

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Obstetric medicine means physicians assist pregnant women with medical knowledge in case of abnormalities. During birth, medication is often used, or surgery is performed. Doctors are not allowed to accompany a birthing woman alone without the assistance of a midwife. Preventive care takes place in the doctor's office. They offer many tests, most of which you must pay for yourself.

 … is independently, na­tio­nal­ly and internationally con­nec­ted

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Independence allows a critical look at our birth culture and the consequences for mother, child and father. From the perspective of parents and their children, we see a birth culture that has moved away from natural processes in our country and worldwide. The consequences: many medical interventions, high numbers of cesarean sections and increasing pressure on parents with extensive tests. We advocate a society in which the young family is strengthened and protected. Accompaniment by midwives as well as family-related services, especially around birth, should be socially appreciated.

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