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GreenBirth was created in 2009, when there was very little impartial information for parents who were expecting a child. Fortunately, that has changed a lot. Parents today are not only much better informed, they also compare and appreciate the quality of individual birth support. They are more self-confident in clinics and have already made many a clinic team rethink their approach.

During the same period, midwives have become visible again in society, and not only as professionals who accompagny birthing women. In Germany a midwife has to be called by law to every birth. Midwives were able to assert themselves with their independent profession, which had been almost completely overshadowed by medicine, especially in out-of-hospital obstetrics. We note the strengthening of the midwifery profession, which benefits parents and children.

Many parents who inquired about an out-of-hospital birth after a disappointing hospital birth experience were able to find out that there are competent midwives for home births and midwives who manage birth centers with a profile that is worth seeing.
On our pages, mothers and fathers will find independent, comprehensive and individually useful information to help them orient themselves and find their own way. We expressly advocate a reform of hospital birthing management and high-quality, individualized support by midwives.

On our pages you will find independent, comprehensive and individual information to help you orientate yourself and find your own way. However, the place of birth is determined by the mother. She is responsible for her own health and that of her child. (Basic Law Article 2.2).

GreenBirth has three main goals:

1. we strengthen pregnant women/families in their competences and rights
2. we educate about the difference between obstetrics and obstetric medicine
3. we inform about physical and mental influences on the little children before and during birth

Many people of all ages are with us.
We invite you to browse and inform yourself on our homepage, e.g. in the birth ABC or in the other specialized topics.
If you miss something, please contact the board or us.

Founders of GreenBirth e.V.

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