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Ultrasound – Offered by the health sector

"Let's see" - "Let's hear"

Attention! The legal situation regarding the use of ultrasound during pregnancy has changed. Doctors and all other persons are forbidden to use ultrasound on unborn children if there is no medical necessity. This makes baby television - as a private, self-paid service - a misdemeanour, as do CTG measurements and dopton applications. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety follows the recommendation of the Radiation Protection Commission (SSK) and places consumer protection above the economic interests of ultrasound users.
The three so-called "basic ultrasound examinations" continue to be offered as part of medical pregnancy monitoring. The parents decide whether they want to have their child examined with ultrasound or not.
You can find out more in this press release.
gesundheitsmarkt igel bezahlen1Foto: privat
Pregnant women are offered services for seeing and hearing their baby on the basis of ultrasound technology, which are not medically necessary, but service offers on the free market.
We are used to being surrounded by virtual images. The healthcare market is taking advantage of this. Ultrasound images are not photographs in the conventional sense. They are produced by sound waves that the baby's small vulnerable body, brain, germ cells, eyes, ears, etc. have to throw back. Even if it is probably very attractive for you as an expectant mother and father to see your child, please do not forget the way the pictures are taken.
The providers do not address possible dangers and the human rights of the unborn child (inviolability). Unsuspecting parents are sold flat rates, DVDs and photos at impressive prices, regardless of possible dangers for the unborn child. The duration and intensity of the exposure increases the risk of consequential damage.
CTG devices for independent heart tone measurement are also sold. These devices also work with ultrasound. Heating individual body regions can leave irreparable damage behind.
In a 2017 study, you will find a summary describing what ultrasound waves are capable of, about biological effects, mechanical and thermal effects, acoustic stress caused by vibrations and effects in animal experiments and on cell substances.

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