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Ultrasound – harm­less­ness not proven

Ultrasound without medical indication, an administrative offense

The legal situation regarding the use of ultrasound during pregnancy has changed. Doctors and all other persons are forbidden to use ultrasound on unborn children if there is no medical necessity. This makes baby television - as a private, self-paid service - a misdemeanor, as do CTG measurements and dopton applications. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety follows the recommendation of the Radiation Protection Commission (SSK) and places consumer protection above the economic interests of ultrasound users.
The three so-called "basic ultrasound examinations" continue to be offered as part of medical pregnancy monitoring. The parents decide whether they want to have their child examined with ultrasound or not.

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Protect children not only from wetness. It is bad enough that the so-called “fine ultrasound” as an optional service for the 2nd base ultrasound around the 20th week is financed by health insurance companies. A beautiful profit from the deadweight effect is in store for doctors' surgeries and industry. Parents do not know that 40-60 minutes of ultrasound can stress their child extremely.
In 2006, the Online Ärzteblatt wrote about animal experiments which showed that neurons can go astray with ultrasound. Ärzteblatt warns:
The development of heat (therefore never ultrasound if the woman has a fever!) and the so-called cavitation effect when vesicles rise from cells containing liquid through evaporation have been proven.
The German Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (DEGUM) warns: "Only use ultrasound as briefly as necessary and as rarely as possible". DEGUM expressly opposes the so-called baby TV.

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