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Ultrasound – as little as possible

Effects on brain development

Attention! The legal situation regarding the use of ultrasound during pregnancy has changed. Doctors and all other persons are forbidden to use ultrasound on unborn children, if there is no medical necessity. This makes baby television - as a private, self-payed service - a misdemeanour, as do CTG measurements and fetal monitor applications. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety follows the recommendation of the Radiation Protection Commission (SSK) and places consumer protection above the economic interests of ultrasound users.
The three so-called "basic ultrasound examinations" continue to be offered as part of medical pregnancy monitoring. The parents decide, whether they want to have their child examined with ultrasound or not.
You can find out more in this press release.
The business with ultrasound photos, films and baby cinema is booming. Would parents be so safe with this technology if they were fully informed about possible risks and side effects? "As much as necessary, as seldom as possible" is a recommendation from experts according to the ALARA principle. Because there have been indications for more than 10 years indicating that ultrasound should not be applied to people at the most vulnerable stage of their lives without hesitation and limit. The fact that there are no more.

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