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Telephone Counselling in Germany

Call the Telephone Counselling in Germany

Telephone 0800 1110111
Telephone 0800 1110222
Telephone 116123

beratung anonym free pixabayThe Telephone Counselling in Germany is available for everybody, for senior and younger persons, for employed persons as well as for housewives, for apprentices or pensioners, for people of any community of faith.
Your phone call is free of charge within Germany, and you can call around the clock. Sorrows weigh heavy, and don’t comply with times of day of opening times. In such situations, it is most helpful to know that there is a person available who is ready to listen to you. The Telephone Counselling colleagues are most aware of their responsibility, and will take your phone call seriously – no matter if it is eight o’clock in the morning or midnight. You can hold a conversation with the Telephone Counselling in Germany in German language.
Anonymous and discreet
Your telephone call remains anonymous. You do not give your name, and your telephone number does not appear on our display. Nobody can find out that you called the Telephone Counselling by your telephone bill. You may be assured that your troubles and worries are being treated confidently. All the Telephone Counselling staff is subject to professional secrecy.
Competent and free of Charge
The voluntary personnel of Telephone Counselling in Germany is being chosen carefully, and qualified during one year at the least, and accompanied by supervision continuously.
Telephone Counselling is completely free of charge for persons seeking advice.
Telephone Counselling is Online
If you are able to express yourself in the German language, but have difficulties in doing so, you can get into contact over our secured E-Mail-System. You can write and send your mail at rest, and will receive a first answer within three days.
Sometimes it is easier to communicate worrying matters in writing. This helps to structure disordered feelings. Our staff will answer in writing as well, and you can let their proposals rest, and – if you like – give an answer. As a matter of course, the same standards are valid for the internet-counselling as for telephone calls: Your contact remains anonymous. All staff members underlie the professional secrecy. The data exchange in the mail and chat counselling is being encoded by an especially secure standard. Nobody from outside has access to the contacts. The counselling is free of charge for people seeking advice.
And this is how the Mail Counselling works:
You install an account, without indicating your E-Mail-Address. The entire communication takes place in a web-based mail, and is being encoded automatically. Within three days you will receive a personal answer. On weekends, or in case of technical problems, this time period might be prolonged. You will receive the answer to your request directly from the staff member to whom it is being assigned.
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