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Social freezing – a father's thoughts

Company comes first, then the family planning?

I really can't believe a notification from the USA: Apple and Facebook want to pay their female employees to freeze their egg-cell (ovum) if they decide to have children later for career reasons. The whole idea is named under the label of giving women more freedom to combine career and family.
woman social freezing pixabay freeFoto: Pixabay free
I think the real reasons are quite different: freezing egg-cells is cheaper than running a nursery and, unlike parent-friendly working hours, it's much easier to organize. Once filling a cheque for the freezing costs and the employer is rid of all efforts and problems. Here valuable years of parents spending with their children are to be given away in favor of economical use. The question is, however, whether the parents, being exhausted after their professional career, still have enough energy and mental power to maintain a family with small children and in general. Who actually asks the children, they then only experience their own grandparents in similar age of great-grandparents, while their own parents are already in the age of grandparents?

Bernd Boltz

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