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Roses Revolution Day – November 25th

Worldwide day of action against disrespect and violence in the delivery room.

It is a peaceful revolution against violence and disrespect in obstetrics, in which those affected lay down a pink rose at the place where they experienced violence. Each rose symbolizes the suffering, history and vulnerability of those affected.

roses revolution each woman is a roseDisdain or even violence in the delivery room? In Germany? You think that sounds unbelievable? Yes, it sounds incredible. But according to expert estimates, 10-50% of births in Germany are affected by various forms of violence in obstetrics, depending on the definition. Not least due to Marie von Kuck's radio feature "Weinen hilft Dir jetzt auch nicht" ("Weeping won’t help you either now"), the topic of "Violence in Obstetrics" and Rose's Revolution gained media attention.
The Roses Revolution Germany
- gives a voice to those affected by violence

- advocates safe and decent obstetrics

- wants to talk about urgently needed changes in communication and behaviour

- also advocates systemic change at the political level

In some institutions and training centres, discussions on the subject have already begun. On the part of politicians, however, the topic remains unheard of. There is neither a reaction of the Federal Government to our annual press releases and campaigns nor to the Bundestag petition for a comprehensive birth assistance reform, which has been running since January 2018 and in which numerous parents, midwives and gynaecologists have signed.

Wikipedia provides basic information on violence in obstetrics.

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