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Osteopathy for Babies

About the method

Osteopathy is a gentle procedure that can help babies to regain their somatic/body balance. In England and France, babies are routinely treated by osteopaths after birth. Germany is lagging behind. Some health insurance companies now reimburse partial amounts if the osteopath is a member of a professional association and has received appropriate training.
Since osteopathy is classified as a medical science, it may only be used by alternative practitioners or doctors. Physiotherapists work according to the instructions of alternative practitioners or doctors. The 4 to 5 year osteopathic training is very well established. It is possible to train full-time (recently also academically) at a private school or part-time. Recognition as an independent profession is sought.
When is treatment possible for your baby?
With babies, for example, it may be noticeable some time after birth that they turn their head only to one side. Osteopathy can also successfully treat conspicuous foot positions, problems with breastfeeding, bowel emptying or difficulties with turning and crawling. " Cry-attacks" can have their cause in very fine tensions, which can have developed with the birth or with the cesarean section.
More and more health insurance companies recognise osteopathy. Please ask to which amount costs are covered.
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