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Nuchal fold measurement 

Nuchal fold transparency measurement - nuchal fold thickness measurement - NT screening

Prenatal diagnosis is not prevention.
The nuchal fold measurement between the 11th and 13th week is a prenatal diagnostic ultrasound examination to search for possible malformations, e.g. indications of Down's syndrome. This examination is an IGe benefit to be paid by the expectant parents themselves. The costs are between 150 and more than 200 €.
The examination of nuchal translucency is usually combined with an examination of the pregnant woman's blood (triple test = biochemical analysis of hormone levels in the blood).
The analysis of the nuchal fold does not provide conclusive information about a possible malformation, but only the measured value of the thickness of the nuchal fold. From this, a statistical probability of a possible illness or disability is derived. Increased fluid accumulation can therefore lead from an initial question to a series of new questions.
If abortion is out of the question for you, all prenatal diagnostic tests offered on the healthcare market are unnecessary.

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