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Modern parents –  old-fashioned babies? 

Mothers and fathers can advocate for their children, even before birth

Physiologically, almost nothing has changed in the birth of human offspring in ten thousand years – but socially, culturally and medically everything has. That means, there are no modern babies.

Babies are still part of nature – yet the handling of the baby's blood in the umbilical cord and the business of health, on the other hand, are achievements of modernity.

Eltern modern pixabay freeParents of today are challenged like no generation before to inform themselves comprehensively. They bear sole responsibility for everything and confirm their consent with their signature, although there is much they cannot keep track of.

Erasmus Darwin, the grandfather of Charles Darwin, did not have the knowledge of today, and yet he "knew" what was right for babies because he had studied the behaviors of mammals and deduced the importance for human offspring.

Today's medicine knows a hundred times more than Darwin.
It is therefore surprising that cord clamping is predominantly not handled in the way that would make physiological sense for babies at the time of birth.

Mothers and fathers can advocate for their children, even before birth. They have a right to say what they will take responsibility for, or not, no matter where or how their child is born.
Foto: Pixabay free

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