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Maternity Passport and Prenatal Diagnostics

What does what stand for?

It is not clear from the maternity passport that preventive care and PND are fundamentally different in their objectives.

It is your decision and the decision of your partner whether you want to take advantage of prenatal care only or PND as well. You do not have to justify your choice to anyone.
In medical practices, PND is offered strongly to pregnant women if they are older than 35. It is a selective look for diseases and disabilities in unborn babies.

Since 2022, a blood test is offered as a health insurance benefit. There are considerable objections to this service from many associations on ethical and social grounds. Added to this is the criticism that a large number of "false positive" results are to be expected, especially in younger women. We recommend that you become well informed about the subject of false positive and false negative results.
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It is alarming to underestimate the effects of such suspicious and false diagnoses: rarely are there options for action other than further testing or termination of the pregnancy. The fact that it takes several days to get the results of these examinations represents an additional major burden for parents and child.

The Federal Center for Health Education (BzgA) says: "Many women and couples hope that prenatal diagnostic examinations will give them the reassuring certainty that their child is healthy. Unfortunately the examinations can only indicate with varying degrees of reliability that the unborn child does not have certain impairments. Therefore prenatal diagnostics cannot guarantee a healthy child. "
We recommend that you first consider whether you want to have any tests done. If your answer is yes, then you can find counseling centers that can help you weigh the benefits and risks. There are very good counseling options that parents can take advantage of at any stage of PND.
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