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Labour – premature birth tendencies 

Premature birth tendencies can occur due to many different reasons

Affected parents are very worried and anxious about their child. Medical support is obvious (sick leave, rest regulation, strict bed rest, prescription of domestic help, if necessary, hospitalization on a daily basis).
Rest within your own four walls and additional midwifery support is highly recommended in order to recover during and after such an experience. The quiet company of an experienced midwife is an invaluable help. The causes are not really clear, because every pregnancy is unique.
Doula schale entspannenThe most frequent cause of premature labour, however, is stress:
The current work situation, partnership, stress caused by prenatal diagnostics, overloading by already existing infants, moving house, illness of family members etc., all this can quickly become too much, even for the baby in your belly. That is why it can be helpful to prescribe rest for yourself, talk to the baby in your stomach, calm him down and stroke him from the outside.
Get help. For example, contact a psychotherapist who offers a bond analysis or ask a freelance midwife. You don't have to be alone with your questions.

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