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Intuition – good fee­ling, inner voice  

Knowledge coming from the unconscious

Inner voice, inner knowledge, intuition. This is the ability to come to insights and decisions without consciously weighing up or discussing questions, facts or points of view. Without thinking about it, we know, what is right or wrong. We have a good feeling, or we perceive discofort. warten auf baby

Foto: Alex Lichtmalerei
The latter shows us that something is not right for us here. Perhaps we get in a bad mood or simply forget to deal with this or that. A bad feeling can be an inner restlessness or tension that can affect our nightly dreams.
Intuition is a wonderful creative ability, which can help us make decisions. "All that matters is intuition," said Albert Einstein. In our society, the gift of intuition is valued differently. Rational thinking is the foundation of our culture. And yet many people know situations, where they have decided "from the gut". Out of nowhere, a solution emerges without being consciously worked out. One can call this event "knowing by touch". Goethe called the intuition "heart acumen". Freud gives us an explanation for this by saying that consciousness is a nutshell on the sea of the unconscious. We know much, much more than we are aware of.
This fact is particularly valuable during pregnancy and childbirth. And nature ensures, that it is especially pronounced during this time. Nothing can give more security than to have a good feeling and to be in harmony with one's own inner knowledge. If it is clear from the inside, that everything is in the best of order, the expectant mother has a different view of expert knowledge, which is brought to her from outside. She is the expert for what happens in her body. She decides, whether it is good for her to learn more.
We want to encourage women to take their feelings and intuition seriously. It is good to be accompanied by women experts of your own trust, by midwives or doulas, for example. Whoever chooses this path for themselves must expect critical remarks from their social environment and decide for themselves which people contribute to their own well-being and which do not. The expectant mother needs strengthening contacts, that allow her confidence in herself and in her body to grow.

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