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Guidelines for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Dear Reader,
if you are planning to go to a clinic for the birth of your child...

... you should check out letter G for new guideline information.
Flaggen pixabay freeThese are valid for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They give birthing mothers a significant voice. For example, you determine whether the umbilical cord blood enters the child completely or the umbilical cord will be clamped early. You have veto power over the Kristeller maneuver. You should stay at home for a long time and wait for labor to develop (in consultation with midwife or doctor) so as not to be pressed for time. You will learn a lot about clinic procedures, midwife and physician care in the guidelines.
We wish you a good, relaxed pregnancy and an equally happy birth.
Your GreenBirth team
Foto: Pixabay free

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