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Guideline – Vaginal birth at term

If you want to give birth in a clinic ...

... we strongly recommend that you read the "S3 Guideline on Vaginal Delivery at Term", which has been in effect since December 2020 in Germany.

The guideline gives you much more say in many questions, e.g. - should your baby be delivered immediately or only when the umbilical cord has pulsed out? - You have the right to veto the Kristeller procedure. That's why it makes sense to know what that even is. - An upright birth position has many advantages for you and your baby. You can count on support.

klinik pixabay freeWhen you know, you can say what you want much easier. We recommend that you read up on the topics of interest to you in the GreenBirth Birth-ABC under the letter G.
We also recommend that you find out about the implementation of the guideline already when you are looking for a suitable place to give birth.
Foto: Pixabay free

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