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Guideline – Pain and how nature alleviates it 

Women should be supported by obstetric staff to deal with labor pain in their own way...

... e.g., with breathing and/or relaxation exercises or massage by an attendant.

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They should also be enabled to find relaxation during the birth process, in water, through certain music, acupuncture, aromas or hypnosis (7.27) (16).

This part of the guideline makes it clear that women should be supported by the obstetric staff in managing their contractions self-effectively. This means that women can prepare themselves and find their own personal way of dealing with the pain of labor.

They should be supported in this to the best of their ability. The body's own contractions are bearable, because at the same time the body's own pain-relieving hormones are released and pauses occur at the woman's own rhythm.

The gradual development of labor is determined by the mother-child rhythm. Homeopathic remedies are not prohibited by the guideline, their use should not be denied to the woman.

If the birth is to be accelerated due to time pressure, e.g. by deliberately opening the amniotic sac or administering artificial contractions, the consent of the woman giving birth must be obtained beforehand, because such measures override the individual development of labor.

There should be no time pressure during birth. Birth progresses more quickly on its own if the woman giving birth alternates movement and rest phases at her own rhythm. She should change her posture as she wishes. Preferably, she will adopt an upright birthing posture of her own accord and use gravity.

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