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Guideline – Eating and drinking 

Birthing women are allowed to eat and drink

Eating light food such as crispbread or routine white bread with cheese (low fat) is allowed. A favorable or unfavorable influence on birth has not been proven: "Light food during birth has no positive or negative influence on birth outcomes with respect to mother and child." (4.5)(16)
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It has not been clarified whether there is a risk of food components being absorbed into the trachea if general anesthesia is required later (4.5).
Birthing women are allowed to eat and drink. Isotonic drinks are preferred over water to counteract "hyperacidity of the blood." Isotonic drinks are offered in sports. They are more easily absorbed by the body, especially when working hard or exercising. Birth is comparable to strenuous work.

(16) These numbers refer to the location in the abbreviated version of the guideline "Vaginal Birth at Term."

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