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Epidural anesthe­sia (PDA) – Birthing possible without?

Do not give yourself up at the delivery room door

"I don't want to keep picking on the PDA, as the PDA can be very useful. However, it is certainly not the right choice for every birth. And it is not needed by every woman! ... Every woman wants a wonderful birth and for every woman this is something different. There is certainly no desire for pain. For me the question behind the PDA-issue is: "How can I have a wonderful, good and bearable birth? But often the question leads in the direction: "What can medicine do for me?" and I always answer: "There are things you can do on your own. Don't give yourself up at the delivery room door!" is midwife Jana Friedrich’s recommendation.

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For your consideration:
A new guideline has been in effect since December 2020 in Germany. It applies to staff and to about 85% of women who could give birth naturally, according to WHO. They have a broad say in the matter. Use it. Ask the staff if they follow the new guidelines. You can find out more in our ABC under G: Gidelines.
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