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Demands of the "Network of Pa­rents Initiatives for Birth Culture"

Initiatives since 2015

Parents' initiatives, associations and individual activists no longer want to accept the conditions in the birth culture. In 2015, they adopted a policy statement with six demands:
elterninis netzwerk 2016

"1. Parents demand transparency to distinguish between care that is oriented toward individual needs and the interests of an economically oriented health care market. They also call for a requirement to provide information about the equal opportunity for preventive care through midwives.

2.They demand that the individuality and self-determination of those giving birth be taken into account in the clinical environment as well. Parents advocate the promotion of physiological birth and concrete measures to reduce the Caesarean section rate. The abolition of invasive routine measures and the consistent one-to-one care of every woman in labor by a midwife are central demands for the improvement of clinical obstetrics.

3. Parents demand strengthening support by independant and obstetric midwives in all phases of becoming parents.

4. They demand that, in addition to homebirth care, the midwife-led obstetric care structures, such as birth centers, midwife delivery rooms and midwifery practices, be expanded, financially secured and appropriately remunerated.

5. Parents demand the social recognition of the necessary support of women / couples in the family formation phase. Psychosocial support through family-related services before, during and after birth is essential.

6. Parents see a state co-responsibility to regulate care close to home." 

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