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CTG – Incorrect measurements – Alternatives

What parents can do

The Knowledge of questionable CTG readings is cause for concern. In addition to the current information gynecologists released (50 % - 90 % false data) about its significance of this fact concerning the danger of the child, the WHO stated as early as 1985: "There is no evidence that routine electronic monitoring of the child's continuous heartbeat has a positive influence on the outcome of the birth.

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What can you do? We recommend that you send the information you find on our pages to your hospital (by mail), stating the source (e.g. the link of our page) and asking that your questions are answered at the information evenings for parents. Write two identical letters: to the head midwife and to the head gynecologist. This will help to ensure that things change when medical practitioners notice that more and more parents are aware of the situation. In general, clinics want their parents to be satisfied. There has been a noticeable change of thinking. With such a letter you can positively influence this desire for change.

Such possible questions to the clinic, if expressed in a friendly way, will help you to be taken seriously.

What are the advantages of the sporadic CTG over a permanent CTG for the birthing process?
It is often recommended for birthgiving women to keep moving and take upright positions. What are the advantages for mother and child? (Water births, upright birth positions, lying births - how common is that at this clinic?)
Is the clinic personell aware of the risks for mother and child that are caused by 50-90% CTG false readings? (You as parents are concerned about this.)
The Pinard hearing tube is an alternative. Are midwives in this clinic experienced in using it?
Given there is no emergency situation - what does the midwife support look like? (staffing ratio)
Is the maternal/parental self-assessment taken into account?
Is the wish of the parents taken into account to only control heart sounds if there is a justified medical indication?

In Germany, a new guideline has been in place since 2020. It states that CTG should not be used as the sole method for measuring heart sound. Our recommendation: Ask the clinic of your choice whether it follows the new guideline.

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