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Competences of Children before birth 

Your baby senses, hears, exercises and needs you

A baby’s dream:
"Just now I woke up, had a nice dream. Everything around me is warm and soft. I like to float in the water and sometimes I somersault. I hear a gurgle and your heart beating, day and night. I can hear, swallow and taste. I practice sucking and kicking.
Sometimes you talk to me, you and Daddy. You touch my belly.

wolkenherz pixabay freeIt is nice when you are close to me. I feel everything that happens: when you are happy, excited or tense.I like it when you think about me. Then I can grow in peace.
I want to be born when I am ready. You will notice that.
When I'm born, I want to feel your closeness and rest. Soon I will look for your breast. I can already drink all by myself."

As a mother, you are the environment for your baby. You give it space inside you in which it can grow. In this way, you are closely connected. You are also connected with your family, colleagues and friends. Your relationship with your baby's father and his family also influences how you feel during pregnancy. With all the changes, it's no wonder that extreme fatigue can overtake you as much as an unbridled zest for life. Give yourself breaks when you need them. Sleep when you're tired and enjoy life when you feel like it.
Foto: Pixabay free

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