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Childbed care - Midwifery

Your midwife supports you during your childbed

After birth, you are entitled to home visits from a midwife. She can see you and the baby up to two times a day, during the first week after childbirth. If necessary the daily visits can be extended for several more weeks.
abnabeln wenn auspulsiertFoto: Alex Lichtmalerei
She helps you breastfeed and looks after your baby to make everyday life easier for the two of you. The costs are covered by your health insurance.

It is relaxing to know in advance that a midwife stays by your side during the first time at home. It is therefore highly recommended that you try to find a midwife for your puerperium long before your expected due date, in other words as soon as you know you are pregnant. It is regulated by legislation that midwife and doctor have equal rights. Midwifes usually have a holistic view. Therefore it might be a good choice for you to consult your midwife for preventive care, too.

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