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Birth - yes, of course naturally!

Birth begins when the baby signals that it is ready

Your body responds with hormones and slowly labor begins. The development of natural labor takes time, sometimes hours and days. Your midwife can help you assess when labor is really starting. Paying attention to what's happening in your body helps you relax.

Alex Lichtmalerei DSC 5472Foto: Alex Lichmalerei
Contractions and pauses in labor alternate. This allows you to recover along with your baby over and over again. Giving birth to a baby is labor, and movement makes it easier. By trying out different postures, you can intuitively find out what is good for you and your baby during birth. This can be an upright posture, dancing, hip circling, belly dancing, bouncing on a pezzi ball ...

Your body knows how to give birth. It helps you bring your baby into the world. Your choice of birth location determines how much freedom of movement you have during your confinement. It restricts you if you are routinely hooked up to a CTG. This affects the birth process - as does a room where you feel unfamiliar, there is time pressure, and you may have to deal with a medicated labor acceleration.

You will find different conditions in a birthing center or your own home. Some hospitals offer the choice of a midwife-led birthing room or the normal midwife and doctor birthing room.

The support of your midwife during the entire birth is the best prerequisite for a natural birth. In any case, it is good to have people with you who give you security and accompany you as you need it. The fact that you are not alone is especially important in the clinic. When your baby is eventually born, skin-to-skin contact will do you both good. The umbilical cord will take care of your baby as long as it is pulsating. This allows lung breathing to start gently. It takes a while for all the blood from the placenta and umbilical cord to be absorbed by your baby's body. Only when the placenta is also born is the birth complete.

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