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Baby TV – Baby cinema – Baby viewing 

Harmless family event?

Baby TV is a service you have to pay yourself (doctors / free providers). The offer is also valid for the whole family. It is advertised on the internet and even by health insurances and partially subsidized.
gesundheitsmarkt igel bezahlen1Usually up to 30 minutes ultrasound with "good-picture-guarantee". Repeated, if the baby is "non-cooperative", max. twice, free of charge. Approximately 20 minutes DVD for about € 90. Photos from the monitor cost an additional € 25. The parents and the baby alone take the risk. Lack of consumer protection, no obligation to inform about the effect of ultrasonic waves on children before birth. Suppliers do not take responsibility. They do not diagnose. The parental joy and curiosity is in the foreground.
If an M.D. discovers an abnormality on the screen, they inform the attending gynecologist and not the parents. Further requirement: participation in the three basic ultrasound examinations in a gynecologist’s office.
What you are not told as a consumer:
Disadvantages and even dangers have been proven to affect the child. Ultrasound is a technique developed for diagnosis. Ultrasound waves penetrate the baby's tissues and must be thrown back by the child's cells to create an image on the monitor. Through mechanical and thermal action, cells can be permanently damaged and brain functions impaired.
Our external view:
allows you to look into the uterus. You can see that babies suck on the thumb, swallow, play with the umbilical cord, ... a little human being in its own water world. Ultrasonic waves are also attenuated by the amniotic fluid, so many images are blurred. It is not uncommon for a baby to turn away. Parents are offered to repeat the session free of charge.
Baby’s inside view:
Ultrasound is an invasive procedure. Whether babies experience intrusion into their protected world as disturbing, frightening or indifferent, cannot be predicted. What is certain is that babies react emotionally. The so-called waving can be the desperate defense against unpleasant vibrations from the baby's point of view, the cause of which it does not know. What is called "non-cooperative" may also mean turning away or seeking protection. The effects of sound waves on cells, tissues, organs, brain and germ cells have been widely researched. Ultrasonic waves are high-energy and not without risks, whether they are looking for errors or insights into the baby's living space.
Here is a selection of three examples out of many from a recent review:
– "Ultrasound vibrations in the tissue cause stretching, shearing, and compression of individual cells and tissues that can lead to subtle injuries up to rupture."
– "The tissues of the embryo are particularly sensitive to mechanical stress during the first trimester(1st to 3rd month), which is characterized by a relatively loose connection of the cells, especially in the brain ... "
– "In unborn rodents ultrasound caused an increase of the body temperature to 40 – 41 °C, malformations and short stature ...". 

Otwin Linderkamp2Conclusion Otwin Linderkamp: "The use of prenatal ultrasound – earlier, more frequent, longer, stronger – is increasingly shifting the risk-benefit ratio towards risk. This dangerous path must and can be stopped in the interest of our children without sacrificing the real medical benefits of prenatal ultrasound diagnostics."
Source: Prof. (em.) Otwin Linderkamp, University of Heidelberg, Doctor of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine:
Prenatal Ultrasound Examinations: Health Risk For The Children?
Survey 2017 (8 pages)
Parents should ask themselves whether looking into the womb is worth risking irreparable harm to their child. The uterus is not a vessel in which a child can be disturbed without consequences by non-natural ultrasound waves. The uterus surrounds the child's first environment, which should provide him with protection, warmth and security. It has a (human) right to grow undisturbed. Babies are not a commodity that can be penetrated through the abdomen or vagina of the mother. Unborn children have human rights, e.g. a healthy development from the beginning. Ultrasonic waves are high-energy waves that do not occur in nature and can cause damage.


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