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Accompaniment during pregnan­cy and birth by a doula

Experienced women always assisted women in childbirth

The roots of the doula (Greek Doeleia, "to serve" or "to care for") are probably as old as mankind. A doula is a woman who has given birth to children of her own and has in-depth knowledge (her own experiential knowledge and continuing education) about childbirth. She knows and understands your needs and supports you sensitively, continuously and individually. She visits you in your pregnancy and stays with you during the birth of your baby, at any birth location, without shift changes.
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A doula does not replace a midwife or obstetrician and does not perform any medical procedures. She can therefore concentrate entirely on your needs. You will get to know your doula already during pregnancy - if necessary together with your partner. During labor you will be accompanied and cared for by her. Even after the birth, the doula will listen to you. Through her support, you can develop more trust and confidence in yourself and your birth process.(1)
Your partner also benefits from the support of a doula. He doesn't have to feel solely responsible for you and your baby.

(1) Researchers confirm the positive influence of the doula on birth (Klaus, Kennell, Klaus;1993, Hodnett et al, 2003, homepages/midwifery-research/birth_excerpt.pdf).

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